Sunday, November 30, 2003

After eating all that Thanksgiving turkey with all the trimmings on Thursday, and eating Turkey Soup for lunch, and leftover turkey and trimmings on Friday and Saturday, I knew I had to do something before I turned into a roly poly ball.

I went to the track.

This track was the same track I ran during high school. Its around the same football field where I spent all Friday nights during the high school football season, when I was in high school. My bones have grown a little older, but I what I was doing could still be considered running.

There was a high school kid running as well. Actually he was sprinting. Then he ran the steps of the bleachers. It was a frigid winter day. I was wearing layers of clothes. He had shorts and a long sleeved shirt. He was working for something.

Even though I live in the same town I grew up in, I've never gone back to my high school. It was strange driving to the same place I drove to almost 9 years ago. Everyday. I even parked in the 'senior' parking lot.

So I was walked around the track, flashbacks hurling at me right and left. High School was a good time. Im not sure if I want to go to my 10 year reunion. I've debated this. I keep in touch with a good number of people from high school, so I figure I've kept everyone I've wanted to keep near and dear, why look back? I dont need closure for anything.

Part of the reason I dont want to go back, is because there were people I didnt like back then, and people who I had falling outs (yes, plural) with, and I'd much rather leave that in the past. I dont want to have to be fakey smiley and actually care what everyone else is doing, when I dont care. I havent thought about them for 10 years, Im not going to start now.

I hear reunions can be fun. Reuniting with people who were with you from ponytails to puberty. I suppose there could be fun in that. What do you do all night? Reminisce, and say, "Bye! See you at the 20 year!"?

I wouldnt want the night to be full of competition. Who's acheived more, who has it all, and that kind of talk. Subtle competition if you will. People arent being sincere in their reasons for being at the reunion. Why is everyone looking at bigger and better, when happiness may lie in whats smaller and just right?

I'll probably end up going just to find out.

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