Friday, April 29, 2005

A couple nights ago I went to a concert where Rahzel, The Shins, and O.A.R. all performed. It was a great concert in the outdoors.

The one thing which greatly disturbed me was the amount of people on the cell phones. There were a great many people who were with their friends, and on the phone looking for their other friends, and trying to find out what they were doing after the concert, while the concert was going on.

I equated this phenomena with the slow demise of human relationships due to the increased reliance of technology, most importantly the cell phone. I know it sounds like I'm going overboard. There really is no point in going out with a bunch of friends, then spending half your time looking for the other friends or finding out what the other group is doing. Sure, one can do this, but why go to a concert with friends, since both entities require a moderate amount of attention, and instead devote all of your attention to a cell phone texting or calling someone else.

Of course nowadays, most people have accepted this from their friends. And yes, sometimes the phone rings when you're out with other people, and I'm all for the don't answer it policy, or pick it up, see whats going on, and let them know you have someone in your physical presence who you are trying to spend quality time with, and who is not using up all of your minutes. If anyone's phone rings when someone is with me and they choose to carry on with the chit-chat (which I can only assume is chit chat because the part of the conversation I hear is..."Hey!...Not much, just sitting at a cafe with, but I need to go shopping...You are? We should go sometime!" At the end of about 3 minutes of this, I feel I should note the date when my friend is going out with their other friend so I can call and maybe she will talk to me some more. Instead, I always mention, "If you want, we can end early and you can call your friend back." or if I'm real irritated, "Maybe I should just call you so I can get a chance to talk to you."

I'm glad I own my cell phone and my phone doesn't own me. And the emergence of the Blackberry? Don't even get me started.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Pua and I have the same biorhythm. Right now I'm so overwhelmed with my life I don't know whats going on. Took a fun trip to the doctor and found out I have low iron, low calcium, mildly high glucose and borderline high cholesterol. I'll have you know that I exercise, drink milk and take a vitamin with Calcium everyday. Meanwhile, my 200 pound brother, who does not exercise and eats crap is fit as a fiddle. God is messing with me, I just know it.

ITs the end of the semester and I have many assignments due, I don't know where to start, and I just want to sleep. Tomorrow I'm running/walking a 5k to raise some money for various education projects.

Because of all the assignments, I've put blogging on the back burner. I'm tired of looking at the computer screen. I want to be in the sun.

So to get my dose of sun, I go and visit my niece who is currently staying with my parents. She has a new bike, and she's addicted to the little bell. She makes me laugh with her squishy mushy little face.

...I actually started this post yesterday, and as I re-read my post I have no idea where I was going with it. I think I had a plan yesterday, and today its missing. Sounds like the same thing that happened to my sanity.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

SOmetimes I get so conusmed with school, I forget about the finer things.

My friend stopped by to hang out, and then she told me to come out to dinner with her and my best friend. At first I said no, she lightly twisted my arm, and I thought, "Well, a meal I dont have to cook is a great meal by me." Off I went.

I forgot how close the 3 of us are. It sounds silly, but I havent really talked to anyone lately...although I must have because my cell phone bill is through the roof. But it hasnt been talking just updating. This was a girls night.

We sat and talked and talked even long after our meal was over. I forgot how well my friends knew me. They could sense so much. When I came home 4 hours later, I was so happy, and part of me just wanted to cry since I think I released a lot of stress.

Life is ok, work work work...and I booked my ticket to Greece!

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

I love Tuesdays since I dont go to my 8am class.

On Saturday, Roomie and I went to her sisters bachelorette party. We threw the tamest bachelorette party ever (at her sisters request).
So first we went to Roomie's parents house to see Mommy and Daddy Roomie. Then we drove through Rhode Island, which was a first for me. (It didnt take long)...I saw the Famous Big Blue Bug in Providence!

Big Blue Bug! (I tried to upload it as an image but my computer is blocking the window I need to use!)

After the excitement of the Big Blue Bug, we ended up in Peabody. The theme was a pretty pretty princess party. So we made all pink drinks, had pink princessy napkins, pink plates, pink goodie bags...This was fun.

The decorations were pink and white crepe paper, pink balloons, and our peau de resistance was the centerpiece...a bottle of Absolut Vodka with penis straws inside. (Kind of like a vase of flowers...)

Bride-to-be had to wear her Bride to Be sash which lit up and her tiara. No getting around that.

We had a manicurist and facialist come to the house, which was great. My nails look great, and the facialist said while she was doing my face that I had a very good presence. Like I was a good person. I thought that was sweet.

Then, the ultimate entertainment...the sex toy party!

A woman came and showed us different sex toys, and this was news to me! I actually saw the Rabbit (if you watch Sex and the City, you know what I mean)...I tested it...on my nose! heh heh...there are all things lickable, rubbable and insertable. Hell, there was even something called "Wally" which stuck on the wall...There was a vibrator called the Bullet which had 7 speeds. I may not have a lot of experience here, but what man or woman has 7 speeds?! SEVEN!!! No wonder there are a lot of sexually unsatisfied people out there.

Unfortunately, my facial was scheduled halfway through the sex toy party so I missed some of it. My roomie felt bad and bought me something special from the sex toy lady. I have no idea what it is.

We had food and stuff too, and my nails look great.