Saturday, November 08, 2003

I just came back from NYC. The train stations were packed like sardines both going and coming. Except while coming back, the train was packed like too many sardines in one can. This is because everyone has started Christmas/Holdiay shopping in this freezing cold weather. People were wearing their bulky coats, and had more shopping bags and goodies than they could handle. Even though its not that time of year to give out a holiday cheer, the madness has begun.

I went in for the day, very unprepared for the windchill and the enormous about of Christmas decorations. I saw Christmas lights, wreathes, and candy cane stickers in many places. The Christmas Chutzpah has begun.

I live near a house who never takes down their Christmas lights. Although they are up all year, they are lit up only at Christmas. So everyday when I drive by, the lights are in Christmas tree formation. I also live near another house who tastelessly lines every single crevice of their house with lights every holiday season. They could light up a small city with all that electricity.

Do they fail to note that today is the 8th of November? We havent even hit Thanksgiving yet.

Wait. Today is the 8th of November? My birthday is in one month and 20 days. I better send out reminders.

My birthday is near Christmas. Myself along with many other people who have birthdays near Christmas or Hanukkah get SHAFTED. One combined gift. No gift. No one has money to do anything. People are tired. People are away. I'd like to say this is all a load of crap. IF you want people to celebrate your birthday AND Christmas, you best be celebrating both days with me too. I dont care that Im not Christian nor Jewish. I love holidays where there are presents (and food). Dont deny me on my day.

This year, most of my friends are going away on holiday for the Holidays. Thankfully, I have my blessed NYC friends who hardly leave the city, and I will be spending my birthday there. You are more than welcome to join.

My personality is slightly dichotomous. I'll admit it. I blame it on the eclipse.

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