Sunday, November 16, 2003

My 'love' life is not much to speak of these days. Although I am proud of myself for meeting 2 menfolk in recent weeks. Woohoo! Go me!

Lets discuss.

I met one guy at Lizzie's wedding which was last week. He's smart, kind, good at emailing, a law student, and enjoys my jabbering.

His minor flaw: He's living in San Diego. The other side of the country. In the happy, sunny place. Ugh.

I met another guy on one of my recent trips to NYC. A nice Jewish boy. He's a med student. What, a Jewish med student in NYC? I kid you not! *Sarcasm* This may sound similar to D'ex (A nice Jewish resident in NYC), but this one is a little different. He's got a wide range of friends, he likes to go out, he's nice, likes to learn about things, he's cute (blond!), he looks cuddly, and he's good at emailing.

Minor flaw: We recently moved up to chatting. We've chatted once. We stopped emailing because we thought we would be chatting and havent caught each other online since.

Although they are good guys, Im playing it cool for the moment. The San Diego guy is probably out of the question, since he is 3000 miles away. Where would we meet up for a date? I dont think so. The NYC guy is a little more accessible, but if we dont have another conversation again, then that would make him out of the running too.

So in India and Hinduism, astrology is a big thing. As we know, my family thinks Im an old haggerella whom no one will marry. My grandmother got my horoscope/stars/chart read over in India. The kind astrologer-man said that my 'bad time' is ending, and I will be married in a year and a half to a guy of my choosing.

All is calm on the homefront....for the moment.

To see something fun, click on this, and watch this blog transform right before your eyes. (Not for innocent eyes, or people who get offended dont say I didnt warn you)

I must thank Alkam for this fun link.

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