Wednesday, December 03, 2003

In the whirlwind that is my life, I received an email from my cousin. It started off a little something like this:

M.M invites you to join Friendster!!

This definitely decreases the six degrees of separation that I quite enjoy. There's a certain mystery I savor in not knowing everyone I pass on the street. A couple people have told me about the wonderful friends/mates/ assorted peeps they have met on Friendster. I hardly have time to see the all the friends I already have, whats the point in making new 'friends' through friends of friends of friends of cousins of brothers (you get the point) that I wont be able to see? If I have a friend, I want to be able to be a friend to them. Or at least feel the connection. You cant get that warm fuzzy feeling from everyone.

I noticed that in the world of blogs, six degrees of separation has decreased to four. I've checked out a few random blogs, and seen a blog here and there that I read on their link list. I even see my blog buddies comments on many of the various blogs I read. Maybe the blogging world is like Friendster. I feel more connected to someone reading their blog than I would reading about what their hobbies are. Its all so random. Globalization seeping through the world like 'tea from a teabag'--silent and rapid.

In any case, Im still not joining Friendster.

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