Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Tag Team back again...

Colorado was awesome. What made it awesome were my friends. Its amazing that we hardly see each other, yet when we're together, you would think we see each other everyday.

We had lots of fun doing things big and small...driving up into the mountains, and shopping at Target.

I reached on Thursday, and I was welcomed by clouds. Luckily I was wearing my red velvet pants, so Gretchie was able to spot me at the airport. We drove home where Jay was waiting, and it was so great to see him. That night we were at home, talking, looking at pictures, and laughing. I was laughing and smiling so much, my cheeks hurt.

Friday we went to Golden, Colorado. Here is where the Coors Brewery is located. At the bottom of the hills. This town was so cool. Like a country western town. We had lunch at this yummy deli, and then went to the brewery. That was cool, especially because we get 3 free samples at the end! By evening, we went into Denver, and walked around 16th Street, which is the main street there. From there, we went out for Indian food. They really wanted to try Indian food while I was there, since I could be their guide. They loved it, and I loved the fact that they loved it.

Saturday, was the holiday parade. Jay is a band teacher at the middle school, so his kids were marching. It was so cool to see what he does, and how he works. All the kids were running up to him going, "Mr K., my button broke!" or "Mr.K, Kristen Miller isnt here yet!" The parade was nice. Gretchie and I cheered for them real loud, in the freezing cold!

Afterwards, we drove up into the mountains. This was one of the most breathtaking rides I've ever been on. We had lots of fun in the car also. Singing and laughing. The mountains were so gorgeous. We all got headaches from the change in altitude, but I did see snowcapped mountains, and thats what I was looking for! I couldnt believe it. It was so beautiful. We went on a short hike, just so I could say I climbed that mountain! (Sort of)

We eventually drove back home, rented the movie Daddy Day Care, which was hysterical, and ate calzones. The fun and laughter continued on and on...

The next morning, we all had breakfast together, and then Jay had to go for a rehearsal. It was awkward to say bye to him, since I had so much fun. But we managed some lame goodbye, and he left. Then Gretchie took me to the airport, and I thanked her profusely for a lovely vacation. I felt sad to leave, but time was up. On the other hand, I was so happy I went.

The whole plane ride home, I thought about them. I was smiling at my memories of the trip, and the wonder that is our friendship.

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