Monday, February 28, 2005

I had a HUGE 'first' on Saturday.



With CLS Boy and one of my dear friends as witness.

I still can't believe I did it....

What did I do, you ask?....I held a cat for the first time.

Don't worry. I'm ok.

I am not an animal person by any means. I love doggies and cute animals, but I don't ever want to be a pet owner. I like to travel, and I wouldn't feel right leaving them alone. I also do not know how to groom an animal. And my mother has instilled in me that pets=cleaning=extra work=me not taking good care of pet.

I've never been around animals much. My friends have lovely little creatures as pets, but as they were/are not mine, I have no reason to pick them up. I love giving them treats and petting them, but thats as far as our relationship would go.

CLS Boy loves cats. My friend loves cats. I've never picked one up, so my friend told me to try on her cute little 18-pounder cat. I didnt know what to do. I did not want to pick up the cat in the wrong way so she'll flail her paws about, and possibly try to scratch my eyes out everytime I visit. I didn't want to dislocate her tail or leg.

I was still nervous to pick her up. So I put on my nice, padded winter gloves to protect myself. After being berated by my friend and CLS Boy, I took off the gloves and CLS Boy semi-picked her up and I tried to move my hands in a position that would not harm my friends cat. Somehow the cat was placed in my arms. Since the cat was an 18-pounder, I had to sit immediately.

Everyone was proud of my accomplishment, and we even took a picture to commemorate the moment. I was happy to hold the cat (especially since she didn't hiss, bite or scratch me), although I'm still trying to get the cat hairs off my jacket.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Since I've had the joy of being in a knocked-out kind of sickness state for 2 weeks (therefore not leading much of a life), I've been able to watch lots of tv. I've decided to talk about a show I HATE and a show I like.

New Show to Hate:

Theres a new show on VH-1 dealing with race and lust. Its mainly talking about biracial celebrities, and interracial couples in movies and real life. This is right up my alley. I love to see how other people deal with their situations.

Sadly, the show was about peoples opinion on these things. Some people were like, Why cant they stick to their own race?-type thing, and there were a lot of insults directed toward whites. I hate this because racism is racism no matter what race someone is. Just because 'whites' are the majority, I dont think its right or fair to sit and be racist to someone. There was even a comment on how Halle Berry 'used' to have black costars before she became this big star, and now she works with white costars. They were talking about how biracial people are confused. They even had a segment on "Who's more Latina, Cameron Diaz or Christina Aguilera?" The kicker: The segment on how do Asians/Latinos love, how do Black/White love, etc. Maybe it was supposed to be informational, but I thought the whole program was downright racist. It was such a negative show, I couldnt believe it was on. Yes, I did watch it. I was hoping for some change in attitude or lesson to be learned. Didnt get that, so now Im appalled.

Awesome show (which is not so new):

I'm hooked to MADE on MTV. This is a show where a high school kid writes in wanting to be "Made" into some type of person (usually the opposite of what they are at that moment). So a girly girl will want to learn to race dirt bikes BMX style, a girl who sings classical music will want to learn hip hop dance to try out for the hip hop dance squad at their school, etc. They track the journey until the tryouts/big event, and see how they change.

The best best BEST one I saw was about this kid named Dov. He is very smart (nerd in high school terms), into dance and theatre, and bullied all the time. He wanted to be "Made" into a wrestler and try out for his high school team. He was so cute and sweet, and I didnt understand why he hardly had any friends. He said how bullying got so bad for him in one school that he had to switch, but unfortunately the same thing happened at this school. The cool thing was, Kurt Angle (big burly wrestler) visited Dov at school and confronted his bully, and the bully was crapping in his pants. Anyway, Dov got all this training, got confident, got the nice girl to go to the dance with him and made it on the wrestling team. It was just so sweet.

I love it when nice guys and gals finish FIRST. Thats how life should be.

Monday, February 21, 2005

I actually had a restful weekend.

Since the NHL is being uncooperative and finding reasons NOT to give me a hockey season this year, I got my fix by going to a school game and bringing a friend along with me.

My school's hockey team is pretty awful. The funny thing is, I've never been on a losing team before. I've lost before, but never where the amount of losses exceeded my wins. (This is only in reference to athletics) SO it was kind of crappy when my school didnt score ONE goal.

Saturday, my re-sickened self went over to my parents house. I ended up going to see one of my friends who came down from Boston, and we went to see Hitch. It was funny, but the end got all sappy wappy, and I wasnt prepared for that.

Sunday, hung around my parents some more. Found out they are going to Florida for 5 days. I hope they have fun, I wish they were taking me. I hope to get a cool souvenier out of this trip though. Their last trip, when they went to the Bahamas, I got a $2 (Mom left the price tag on) bright orange t-shirt, that went down to my knees, had tropical flowers on it, with "Bahamas" smeared across the front. It was hideous.

Today I saw a wonderful speaker at school. Paul Rusesabagina. If this name is not familiar to you, you have not seen Hotel Rwanda like I told you to. It was amazing hearing him speak. You could feel the emotion from living through a genocide. Can you believe that 9000 people were killed/day? I cant believe there were governments who could sleep at night knowing this information.

Thats about all the update from here. Its now time for me to take cold and sinus meds. Cant wait for the summer, and this semester to be OVER.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Blatantly stolen from Robert

Choose a band/artist and answer only in song TITLES by that band: U2

Are you male or female:
The Sweetest Thing

Describe yourself:
Two Shots of Happy, One Shot of Sad

How do some people feel about you:
She's a mystery to me

How do you feel about yourself:
Out of Control

Describe your ex girlfriend/boyfriend:

Describe your current girlfriend/boyfriend:
Wild Honey

Describe where you want to be:
Where the Streets Have No Name or New York

Describe what you want to be:
Even Better than the Real Thing

Describe how you live:
Love and Peace or Else

Describe how you love:
Deep in the Heart

Share a few words of wisdom:
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

Monday, February 14, 2005

I'm sick. On Valentines Day. How appropriate.

Since I didnt go to class, I can now blog. So there are some benefits here. Although I wish I had some sort of talent. I have so many crafty friends around my area, and in the blog world. Pua knits beautifully, and lest not forget all the wonderful bloggers who can add a personal touch to their graphic artists if you will.

I have friends here who make beautiful scrapbooks, skirting for tables, clothes, pictures, candles...loads of things. I wish I had that kind of talent. Or maybe the patience to use that kind of talent. At least I could create something beautiful instead of cooling my fevered head on the cool window. (I'm taking a holistic approach to medicine today)

Actually, if I could do anything artsy, I'd love to know how to play the piano. I could conceivably learn, so maybe I will someday.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

A few comments before the actual post:

*Its Chinese New Year, and my Chinese friends have amused me by wishing me "Happy Chinese New Year, its the year of the Cock!"

*I ran into cute TA again on a day I decided to mismatch my outfit since I was running late for class.

*I went to the store to pick up a V-Day card for CLS Boy, and all the cards made me physically ill.


Someone once told me that many of the qualities one dislikes in other people, they have themselves. Ok, Im pretty sure I heard it on Oprah. BUT! I never thought about it, until there were some personality pet peeves that I do not like in others, which I found in myself. So yes, sadly, I'm flawed.

When I notice what I'm doing, I try to correct myself.

Its always silently enjoyable to notice others doing the same thing I've done: complain about flaws in others without realizing they may have the exact same flaw.

My recent enjoyment came from one of my friends, C. She tends to talk about how awful it is when people are judgemental, when she is quite judgemental herself. She also HATES it when people who have attended Ivy League or other high ranked colleges, name drop their university into conversation, talk intelligently using their SAT/GRE vocab words, and look at her in disdain when she mentions the college she went to. (Which is a good school) I understand her pain. When this happens to me, I just let these people be. ALthough I completely agree with her if someone acts like other colleges are nothing compared to their school.

I'm quite happy with the university I'm attending. C and I work at the same place which is affiliated with the University I attend. I mentioned to C that one of my friends is applying for a Post-Bac program at Harvard. Somehow, the conversation ended up with C going on about all the things wrong with my school, and all the things right with Harvard. (she's taken a few classes at Harvard)

To be honest, I dont know the intricacies about my school. I'm just happy I'm going. I dont know if one school is truly better than the other, because I believe it is all subjective. There are many wonderful schools out there that offer so many programs and have students working all over the world.

So I was quite amused with the way she was talking. I let her go on. I knew she felt comfortable going on since she got into a Ph.D program (not at Harvard) a couple days ago, so she has been feeling extra confident these days, and a little competitive with me. (Even though Im going for a masters in a different field)

She ended it with, "So thats why I'll always be a Harvard girl."

With that I smiled for a minute. Then erupted in laughter.

I didnt tell her why I was laughing. I didnt think it was anything to debate over, its not something i care about. She didnt ask why I was laughing.. She changed the subject really quick.

Did I mention she's going to study Psychology?...ahhh...I love observing people too.

Friday, February 04, 2005

I got one of the highest compliments today.

At precicely 3:17pm, my friend called me the Goddess of Cynicism!


I want my tiara and sash NOW.

It all started with the whole Valentines Day Shmalentines Day talk. I mentioned how its just another form of commercialism by wrapping up every single candy in red and silvery paper and reselling it. Its another holiday for 'loved ones' to rush down to Hallmark, by some card, pick up some flowers, and toss out the receipt on the way home.

I saw the movie Hotel Rwanda recently (go see it). Everyone knew about the genocide, and no one did anything to stop it. Instead they told the world that they are working on it, and a couple people did some good things for a couple people, but the majority were neglected.

Valentines day is similar. Everyone knows about it. There are some people who will do sweet things for their significant other. The majority of people will be part of the neglected bunch or the last minute I-better-buy-something-to-NOT-get-in-trouble gift. But it sounds better to buy something than to say the holiday is full of shit.

I dont need another bear holding a heart. I dont need more chocolate. (wait, thats not true) I dont need someone to rush around to 'celebrate' our love on one specific day since thats what the media is forcing us to do.

You know what would be special for me? Hanging out on Valentines Day and saving the something special for the day after, or a couple weekends after. I want to have our own day and share it because we want to, and not because the world says so.

Why boyfriends have wanted to stay with me, I'll never know.