Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Last night I watched a new episode of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, after months of Bravo showing the same 4 episodes over and over again, with mucho emphasismo on the one where the guy proposed to his girlfriend.

As I was watching, lo and behold, who has hit puberty, and undergone a very nice transformation himself... Jai, the culture vulture. Thats right, Jai with an 'I'.

Today I'd like to present this years "...From Cutie to Hottie" award to none other than Jai Rodriguez...(applause!)

Jai Rodriguez has starred in the musical Rent, and is now the Culture Vulture on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. We believe he has a CD as well, but our research department is on a mental holiday so this cannot be confirmed at the present time. But if he does, we love the fact that he is indeed a "Jai of All Trades", which is always looked upon with much starstruck adulation here at the compound of the Awards Committee.

We, the awards committee, would like to commend you, Jai Rodriguez, Culture Vulture, on the transition from really light brown hair with unnatural blond highlights, to all chocolate brown, because let the truth be known, a little chocolate makes everything sweeter. We would also like to let you know that your workout is really working. Your efforts have all been duly noted. We also offer one suggestion intertwined with a compliment, and that would be, dont take any more trips to the tanning salon as your skin reached a perfect golden tan. If you tan anymore, your skin will become leathery, and all that exfoliation would have gone to waste, as your glow would be gone. Im sure Kyan has gone through this with you already. (Kyan, we love you too!)

Unfortunately Jai could not be here tonight to accept his "...From Cutie to Hottie" award, due to prior engagements/better things to do, but he did send along this message via satellite:

"Thank You for this prestigious "...From Cutie to Hottie" award. I would also like to thank Aveda for the hair color. As you can tell from my pictures, I love the camera. More importantly the camera loves me. Boys love me too. And in the midst of all this love for me, I have love for you as well. I also have love for dancing. Always remember, the perfect handshake should be made out of rock, not silly putty."

"Extra special thanks to the lovely chocolatey Dr.P herself."

Why Jai! How kind of you! For that, you will not have to give up your trophy, and I will try to make you a sash which reads "...From Cutie to Hottie"

In other awards which were handed out earlier this evening...Bono is still "Mr.Devlishly Handsome with each Passing Year."

That will be all for this evening.

Thank You for joining us in this extra-special post. Good night and Exfoliate.

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