Thursday, November 06, 2003

I dreamed a little dream of me. Although in the dream, I was in it, and the things that were happening affected me, I couldnt understand it. It was all so uncharateristic.

It was a psycho dream. I was married.

I had a dream about my wedding day.

I hate the thought of getting married. I can see a long term monogamous relationship a la Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn, but the whole wedding thing throws me off. Is it a ploy to get gifts that you want? Seriously, why is it so important to have this elaborate ceremony to have God's blessing, and then get sloshed afterwards. There's more than enough people who have had sex before marriage, so if all that is out of the way, whats the big deal concerning "the piece of paper?"

It really baffles me. People spending huge mama loads of money to throw a party. A party where you feed 200 people, get them goody bags, yet hardly talk to them. A party where people come from near and far just to watch this blessed moment. Some people who dont even know you, but your parents have to invite come along, not because they really give a quarter of a shit, but its a social event and everyone will be there.

If I ever do get married to the man I intend to be monogamous with for the rest of my life, I'd rather elope in Barbados. Me, my man, sunset, and a margarita afterwards. Thats all I want. I'd also like a tropical flower in my hair. I'd wear a sundress and flip-flops.

From what I hear, getting married has to do with with the couple, and how its such an important step in ones life, but I dont think one should drive themselves crazy or into debt over it. I have married friends, and I've been to many weddings, but I've never understood the extravagance that is the wedding. Its seems like its more about entertainment than the event. That thought makes me want to vomit. Im sure if I didnt have a big ol' wedding, the only people who would be crushed would be my parents. And I'd pay for their plane tickets to Barbados.

But if I elope, am I still eligible for presents?

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