Thursday, November 13, 2003

Some people have foot in mouth syndrome, where they say things they did not mean to say. Some people have chicken out syndrome, where they cannot say things they are supposed to say. I have both.

I need a recommendation letter for the Masters program of my choice. I know who I want to ask, although Im a little nervous about asking him. I havent told anyone at work about my plans for grad school. Everyone thinks Im applying for a residency. You would think that these people are my parents, since they are so excited at the prospect. Today I went up to this specific Doctor, all ready to ask him for a recommendation letter, and instead I said,"Do we have to draw bloods regularly for the 18 patients?"...I already knew this answer. But I asked it. After asking the wrong question, I could not possibly go back and ask the serious question I needed to ask. Bollocks! I hate myself. Tomorrow will be attempt #2.

This incident reminded me of a time a few years ago when I met a very cute guy. When I get nervous, I tend to over-talk my welcome. He asked me what I had done over the weekend. I gave him a full account of my weekend, inclusive of the numerous games of beer pong I played at a party which resulted in a small bit of drunkeness and the mini-fight I got into with someone who found it apropos to toss a racist comment in my direction. It was only when I saw his change of expression from intent listening to fear and apprehension, I realized I should have shut up 5 minutes prior.

After reminiscing about that incident, I am reminded of a scene from Dirty Dancing. Baby (Jennifer Grey) is at the dance, and she's holding a watermelon. Patrick Swayze struts up to her and says, "What are you doing?" and with a smile she says, "Just holding a watermelon." Patrick says, "Oh ok..." and gives her this look that says, "You're a nut." After he walks a way, she says to herself with exasperation,"Holding a watermelon!"

I have many moments like these. Although at the end of the movie, Jennifer Grey was dancing in bed and all over the campground with Mr.Patrick Swayze himself.

This could possibly mean that there is some light behind my fog of stupidity. I wouldnt want Patrick Swayze behind that fog because now he lives on a ranch and cares for horses, and that kind of life is not for me. I would like to call Bono (U2) for some assistance please.

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