Tuesday, November 11, 2003

I have realized an extremely negative trait about myself. Im not very good at sharing myself.

There is a friend of mine who has asked me to go to NYC with her for her birthday, which is on December 20th. Normally I would go, but thats the same day as the work Christmas party, and I really want to go for that, at least for a couple hours. This same friend is supposed to go to Jamaica after Christmas, but she said that if she doesnt go, she's coming to my birthday party and the same new years event Im going to. I dont mind that she wants to come to my birthday, but the New Years party is not even mine, and she invited herself without a problem. The thought gives me indigestion. Then on the other side, most other people wouldnt care if their friends tag along. I love my other friends meeting each other, but I get nervous for personality clashes.

Then I noticed at work, I dont like to eat lunch with the same people all the time. If I eat with them every day, I get irritated. Sometimes I like to eat by myself. Sometimes I enjoy other peoples company.

I hate routine. I dont understand how people can have the same schedules and do the same things with the same people day in and day out. Perish the thought!

Its not that I dont like any of these people. Its quite the opposite. I think highly of all the aforementioned peeps. I like variety. I like my space. I dont want to confine myself or fall into any routine that would require me to be with the same people at the same place and time.

File me under borderline meanie. I earned it. I have a place saved for me in the world of spinsters.

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