Monday, March 08, 2004

The small things in my day which I savored:

1) This morning, I noticed my MAC lipgloss had some shimmer to it.
2)I had a good hair day.
3)I got the majority of my work done.
4)When I found out that some spreadsheets I had saved on a disk were completely gone, instead of banging my head on a table, crying, or swearing, I went to the vending machine and bought myself the yummiest packet of M&M's in the world.
5)One of the guys asked me what I did this weekend. I said nothing, and he said, "You didnt go on a date? I cant believe you dont have guys banging down your door!"
6)Talked to my mother for more than 5 minutes today.
7)Went to cardio kickboxing at this karate place. It was awesome. We got to use the shields and paddles (kicking the shields and aiming for the paddles!)
7)It was snowing when I left. (9pm) When I got home, I stood out in my driveway. There wasnt a sound and the snow was silently floating down.
8)I got inside the house, and saw my hair looked shimmery because of the snow that fell on my head. (I like shiny, shimmery things...diamondesque!)

Tomorrow I hope to wake up to a bodacious booty, and 6-pack abs. It wouldnt hurt if Jude Law was in my room also.

Ok, that may not happen. Although, I would really savor that moment.

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