Sunday, March 28, 2004

Baby Showers. Bridal Showers. Who needs them anyway?!

Not I.

This weekend, me, myself and I made the drive to New Jersey for one of my best friend's baby shower. Granted it was a fun weekend, but it made me wonder the need for all these showers. Pre-parties in celebration of an event which hasnt occured which will follow by celebrations after the event has occured. Celebrations which include horrendous party games which turn a few of the party goers maniacal. (For example, one game which I did not participate in was where people had to try baby food and guess what over-processed flavor it was...mothers, grandmothers, and babysitters alike were shouting, "Let me try! I'll tell you!" or "Hey! Dont let her taste twice, thats not fair!")

I went because to show support for my friend. I also havent seen her since August, and this was the only way our schedules would be in agreement of each other. Actually the main reason I went was because I'm a big baby who knew this would be the last time I get my friend all to myself before she delivers. Then its a whole different ball game.

I love driving long distances blaring music. New York radio stations are awesome. One station had '70's, 80's, and 90's dance music all weekend! I love the part of my drive when I'm approaching New York City and can see the skyline...

Her and I had a late night of chatting on Friday night. The shower was on Saturday, with 100 people in attendance at her house. Even though I love partying and socializing, I feel that some occassions require a group of close friends, and not the whole town and country. So there was a big crowd, all of New Jersey Indians asking me who I was and what I do, and asking my friend's friend why she wasnt married yet. (This line of questioning is routine at every party full of Indians)

There was always a crowd around my friend, so we could barely see her. In the process of trying to catch a glimpse, we nearly suffocated.

I socialized a bit, then wandered around. I took pictures. Then finally my friend escaped the crowd to sit in a chair. We then got to talk some more, until we were just a small group of 5 women chatting.

But all in all the actual party/shower part was a bore and useless. Maybe not completely useless...she got a ton of gifts. People were just sitting around, and I dont think she had the chance to say hi to everyone. Granted, she went along with the shower because her mom wanted her to do so. It didnt seem like a celebration, it seemed more like a party people felt like they had to attend.

I was glad when the majority of the party people left. I played pool against my friend's husband, who lost. (I say he lost because he scratched on the 8 ball) Whomever was left just slumped on the couch, watched tv, and diffused.

Today morning I drove back home. I thought about life for a bit. My drive through New Jersey is always filled with memories, driving through New York is filled with memories. I thought about my friend lots. She will always be my friend. In a couple months, her life is going to change, and indirectly, mine will too. Our conversations will change. I'll be talking about guys, going out, work, and things, and she will be talking about the baby, diapers, and more baby. Instead of having 2-3 hour conversations, they will be drastically shortened. It saddens me a little. I feel like Im at such an odd age where one half of the people I know love to go out and that kind of thing, and the other half is 'settling down' with husbands/wives and preparing to create a loving family and a stable home. Im a part of the former group, and I fully support my counterparts in the latter group.

I know this baby is something that will make my friend happy, which in turn makes the people around her happy because that is how much we love and support her. The baby shower didnt give that thought justice at all. Hopefully when this baby is born, there wont be 100 people around her crib, because as the aunty, I want to have my time to hold her, see all her little features, and let her know how special she is.

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