Wednesday, March 03, 2004

I'm still in pain from my squash match.


Squash Squash Squash.

BLOG is also a fun word to say.

Blog blog blog. Bloggedy Blog.


Ok, if you couldnt tell, I'm losing my mind. I'm trying to file my taxes by myself, and I think I'm doing everything correctly. I'm pretty sure the kind government will let me know if I messed up.

This post is a conglomerate of thoughts.

Because I need fixin'. I'm better, but I'm stressed, and if left alone long enough, I can make myself crazy.

Sometimes I wish I was born normal. I see people and I think, "Wow. It must be nice to be normal. It must be nice to have a life where things work out so smoothly and you can think clearly."

Then I think, "Whats the point? I wouldnt be me if I were normal. I would make a bad normal."

Someone called me 'picky' this weekend. I never thought I was. But I brought this up to someone else and they said I am very picky. This is a complete epiphany to me. I'm surprised that this was never brought up earlier in my life.

I'm participating in a Walk-a-Thon. I have a team with 2 other gals. I've raised $25 so far. Go me!

Sometimes my phone rings at work and all I want to do is rip it out of the jack, throw it on the ground and stomp on it. Sometimes I secretly put it on call forward so all my calls go into voice mail and I can deal with the calls when I'm good and ready.

I walk by the building I hope to be studying in every single day. I've done everything I could from my end. Everytime I see this building, I say a little prayer for me hoping the admissions person who is responisble for accepting students and writing acceptance letters writes one for me. I also say a little prayer for the person who is responsible for rejection letters that he/she will never ever see my name on the 'rejection' list. I hate that list. I seem to be on it for a lot of things.

Today in the clinic I laughed a lot.

The sun was shining on me today.

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