Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Movie Reviews!!

Im really not one to review movies. I dont see movies much. I havent even seen Ghostbusters, yet I drank Hi-C's Ecto Cooler.

This week I've seen 3 movies in 4 days. So I'll go through them, and give my opinion. Sure I could link the movie site so you could find out about them,but I'm sure we're all Google experts. Plus, my opinion is not located on any of those sites. Just this one.

Girl with the Pearl Earring

This movie was ok. There really wasnt too much dialogue, and it was full of symbolism. It was good, but there were some lapses in the story. My mother read the book, so when I came home we had a bit of a discussion. The end of the movie would have been much better if they actually incorporated the complete ending of the book. Knowing how the book ended, made me disappointed in how the movie ended.

The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

I enjoyed this movie lots and lots. Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet were awesome! Kate Winslet looked so good! Blue hair, orange hair, flaming red hair...Its a very intricate movie about the mind. It asks the question, if you have a bad memory, would you want to erase it if you could? Or would you keep the memory?...It delves into the psychology of relationships and post-relationships. There were a couple of confusing parts, but thats how these type of movies work. Its kind of like the movie "The Cell", but its done well. I suggest seeing this movie with people you can have a discussion with afterwards. I do NOT suggest seeing this movie with 2 Hungarians who have trouble following the story, and ask you if you only like alternative psycho movies. (The latter suggestion I have donated to save you if this kind of situation arises)

Goodbye, Lenin

This was my favorite movie out of all 3 which I have seen. I just came back from seeing it. It was fantastic!! Its a German movie, so I did a lot of reading tonight (Subtitles).

Its about a Socialist mother and her kids who live in East Germany circa 1989. The mother suffers a heart attack in August of 1989 and lapses into a coma. During this time, the Berlin wall comes down, Germany is united as one country, and life is completely different. She wakes up 8 months later, and the doctor tells the son if she ends up in a situation where she is excited too much, she could die. So the son does everything to protect her from finding out that there is no more East Germany. I laughed, I cried (well, I didnt cry, but I felt sad), and I learned a little bit of history. Its a touching and poignant film. I highly suggest seeing this movie with a Hungarian who has lived in Berlin for 2 years and can point out a bunch of sites, and tell you things which are not translated or expanded historically in the movie. (the Hungarian should also bring the Italians and New Zealanders along for the flick, because the more the merrier!)

Then you should go straight home, blog about the experience and go to bed. Especially if you havent slept before 1 am since last Thursday night.

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