Sunday, March 21, 2004

I had an awesome jam-packed weekend. I went to 4 parties in 2 days.

I shall enumerate.

I. Friday Night

a) Party #1-- A-congratulations-on-your-new-job party for one of the nurses at work, thrown by his boyfriend at the local gay bar.

My Summary:

There is no way you cannot have fun at a party with a penis shaped cake. If you can find a way, dont contact me.

b) Party #2--A Congratulations-on-getting-a-residency dinner at a local seafood place for my squash buddy. This place had cool live music.

Longer Summary: I get there a little late, as I was going from Party 1 to Party 2 which are 20 minutes drive from each other. I find the table filled with people. I recognized a few people from the lab with their husbands/wives/friends. I was the only American. There were 3 Hungarians, 1 New Zealander, 2 Polish, 5 Italians (4 whom didnt know any English), and 1 German. I LOVE an International Crowd.

When I got there, the cute Italian men came up to me and gave me a kiss on each cheek and said, "Nice to meet you" in Italian. Then the band started playing "Brickhouse" by James Brown, and the Italians started cheering, "James Brown! Yah!" They were so cute. Then I was talking to the Polish girl who was as sweet as pie. We exchanged number. You got that? I got a number! heh heh.

After eating, we all boogied on the dance floor. I was dancing with Massimo for a while, then the whole group came in. It was fun dancing. We were laughing and laughing.

What I learned from this night: If my guy situation gets any worse, I'm going to Italy to find one.

Did I mention that I actually took the time to get ready? I put on makeup like eye shadow, and I even used the curling iron to add a few ringlets to my hair? Oh yes I did!

II. Saturday Night

a) Party #1-- Surprise 28th Birthday Party for my friend R whom I've known since the 8th Grade. Given by her hubby.

Summary: I get there, and I'm the only single person there. Everyone knew each other from work, so my friend L and I were hanging around each other. I had to leave by 8:30pm, so I was hoping R would get to the party by then.

Thankfully she did. I havent seen her for 2 years, and she kept hugging me with a smile so genuine, it made me feel on cloud 10. Her mom was also there, and I was so happy to see her too. They were very very good to me during my kid years. We caught up as much as we could in the span of 15 minutes. Me, R, and L are planning to get together for dinner to catch up. Like the good ol' days. Thank God for E-mail!

Party #2-- My friend Christin from work invited me to go out with her and her friends who came down for the weekend. No special occasion.

Summary: Crazy crazy ladies night! They were all pretty nice, but as I got there at 9pm, there wasnt too much time to get to know them before going out. We started dancing at the apartment.. Christin was teaching me some Latin moves.

I love to dance. I dont consider myself a great dancer, but I've got rhythm.

Christin and her friends were all on a dance team together. They have moves, grooves, shakes, and acrobatics.

We all drank, and did a few shots of vodka before leaving. We took a cab to the club. We got there and walked right to the dance floor and started shakin' some ass! We were 5 girls just having fun. Christin was doing some pretty sexual movements to the point guys just stopped and watched her. She also stood on a stair and danced. Then she propped her feet on the railing of this stair, put her hands on the opposite railing and pumped herself up and down...Prudish me was like, "Oh Hell No. Even if I could do that, I wouldnt!"

We danced and danced, till our legs fell off. Then we went back to Christin's. Chilled out and talked, which was really nice. I dont think I made any new friends, but I had fun all the same...letting my hair down and cutting loose.

Then I thought about it, and if Christin invited me along with her best friends from college, that really says something about what she thinks of me. So I felt pretty good.


After I got home last night, me and my sweaty self, with the gel still in my hair plopped to bed. I woke up feeling slightly hungover and disgusted with myself, so I changed my sheets immediately.

It was a quiet day. I saw "The Girl with the Pearl Earring," and hung out with my best friend.

I have a few muscle pains and strains. Tomorrow Im going to play squash and see "The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind."

Its not so bad. I suppose I should tonight I should catch up on sleep so I dont fall asleep on the squash court.

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