Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Whats happening with my blog?! I've made everyone worry.

Lets talk about happier, more frivolous things that make me (and maybe even you) quite happy.

I got a haircut today! Unfortunately, I couldnt go to my gay and glamourous hairdresser. I'm going to be back in student mode in a bit, and I cant afford his glamourous prices.

I went to the nice salon, but got a nice cheapy haircut with one of the trainee girls. I love it. She straightened out my hair too, so its nice and slick. My highlights are all lit up, which also means the roots are more magnified. Its a good day when my hair loses the portabella mushroom shape.

AND I downloaded the song, "Faded" by Soul Decision. Its one of the best return to pop songs ever.


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