Thursday, August 12, 2004

Tomorrow is my last day at work. Not really my last last day. Since I'll be going to the school affiliated with the hosptial, I can go in every once in a while. But its still my last daily day.

I'm pretty sad about it. Its been a great experience. A fun job, with nice people. Its funny how they slowly become a part of your life. I spend more time with my work colleagues than with family. They probably know more about me.

I wrote out some Thank You cards tonight. Tomorrow, they're having a small lunch party for me. Its strange to have people celebrate 'you' on a day other than your birthday.

On the same token, I know its time to move on. As much as I love this job, its time for the next thing. Which is 2 years of school.

Gradual change is one thing. You dont really notice what went on, and how you've changed until you look back. When you recognize an active change in your life, its like all of the senses are heightened. Its a different set of emotions. Although I physically feel like Im metamorphosing, there really is no outward change. On the inside, I'm becoming more adult. Its a strange statement to say considering Im 27. Most of my friends have their careers defined and/or becoming settled with their new family life.

Between the 13th and the 26th of this month, work will end I'll be moving out on my own (with roomie-friend) for the first time, then I will start school, hoping to finally be on the right track.

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