Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Compromises, Compromises.

How does one compromise without feeling like they lost?

Everyone wants their way. Sometimes when I look at a situation objectively, I know when to compromise. Other times, I may compromise, but then I feel like I'm giving in or that I've "lost."

I'm not always compromising in a bad way. My new roommate and I have been lucky enough to find happy mediums in almost every decision we have had to make together. Or we somehow talk it out until we come to a solution that is best. So even though I may not get everything I want, and neither does she, we are both getting something. I like this kind of compromising. Each party gives up a little of their beliefs, and come to a conclusion.

In relationships its quite different. Each person has their vision on how they want their life to be lived. There is also a vision of the type of person you end up with, and sure enough, the vision is all so perfect and wonderful.

Trying to combine two visions is proving difficult. Especially when there are a few extreme beliefs, and no happy medium. I'm not entirely sure if this has become a test of wills.

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