Monday, August 02, 2004

I love kids. They are tons of fun, and keep me on my toes.

Out of boredom on Sunday, I called 2 of my cousins who are 21 (MM) and 24 (VM) (obviously not kids) because I wanted to go out for dinner. We got to talking and decided to call my 2 other cousins who are 12 and 6. MM felt bad we were excluding my other cousins son who is 4 (Mr.Hyper), so she called him too.

When the 5 of us went to Mr.Hyper's place, he was so excited, he ran out without shoes. Mind you, it rained earlier in the day. We got his shoes on, and packed everyone into my little Chevy. During our short ride, the 12 year old asked me to roll down the windows and blast the Hip Hop station. Which was fine, because the 2 little ones were fighting over who is better, Harry Potter or Spider Man.

So at the pizza place, there was a 20 minute wait. Mr.Hyper could not handle this. He asked me, "Do you want to see my fighting moves?" and proceeded to do these not-so-karate-esque moves in the middle of the waiting area. I told him to sit, and 2 nanoseconds later he asked me, "Do you want to see my shoes glow?" and proceeded to jump around so I could see his shoes glow.

We finally got our seats. A booth! We trapped the little ones inside, and the 6 year old wanted to take off his sandals.

We got involved in conversation. We asked the 6 year old when his birthday was. He didnt know. We asked Mr.Hyper when his birthday was, and he said next Friday. (His birthday is in April. He also said he got a haircut on Tuesday, which also never happened) No one threw food, but there was a "Who can eat the most pizza in the least amount of time" game that was about to begin, but I promptly stopped that.

We definitely had the loudest table, but luckily we were in a place that drowns out sound really well. I had a fun night with the kids. But MM and VM stated they wanted to get their tubes tied.

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