Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Thanks for all of your support everyone. It really means a lot. Even though some of us havent met each other, I feel like I know you. All I can say is the kindness of the blogger family energizes me and makes me feel so blessed, loved and lucky! (End of Hallmark/ABC afterschool special moment)

People always talk about other people they know who "put themselves off." They dont really worry about themselves. I'm like that. I always feel fine, I can work through anything. Why cant I work through this? I was trying to convince myself that its not a big issue and I can make time for taking care of me. I've been saying that. I guess now is the time.

I got my blood and urine test (I feel like an Olympic athlete!) done this morning. Even though I work in a hospital setting, I'm always surprised to see how many people are just not well for one reason or another. The waiting room was packed at 9am, and the place opens at 7am. Apparently its usually packed then as well, so everyone can get their tests done before going into work.

I got it done, and the bill will come to me under my name. I figure I've done something right. If the tests dont show anything, I'll wait until school starts and see another doctor so I can get some other fun tests done. Not that I want some problem. When you feel bad-health funny, you want it to go away. If it doesnt go away, you want to know what is going on. I want an answer, because there has to be one. I may sound nutty, but I know Im not feeling up to par, I cant do all the things I usually do, which means there has been a change in my body. I wont accept that its nothing.

Note: I'm going to be labelled the crazy patient. The Docs will cringe when they hear my name. Secretaries will moan in exasperation and their eyes will fill with tears at the sight of my number on their caller ID.

I cant complain. Its been a great year. I suppose it needed a couple down points. Its part of the cycle...when bad things happen, they can only be followed by something good. Then once again something low will happen. Its all about the appreciating what you have and what is around you.

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