Friday, August 27, 2004

Today was my first day of school.

It was long. It was crazy. I'm drained.

It was so strange being at school. I made small talk with so many people I lost count. Although I felt different. I lot of the 'kids' are fresh from undergrad. So they are peppy and perky about their new adventure. Im not really like that. Im in the get down to business mode. The youngins wonder where the bars are. I'm looking for my bed. It was actually beginning to stress me out. No. What was really stressing me out was 130 people being super-polite, and extra-friendly. I cant wait for the 'nice fronts' to fade, and the real personalities come out. Im not saying they are all going to be horrible people, but at least once the formalities are done, I can get a sense of how the person really is.

We do have a very diverse class, which is great. I guess I'm just ready to start my course so I can finish it and start work again. The finishing part will be in 2006, so its time to bust a move.

We had a dinner tonight. It was ok. I stuck around for a bit. Made some more small talk, and then left. I couldnt take it anymore. I was desperate for my alone time.

Im home, and happy to sit in silence. Tomorrow, I'll make more small talk, and hopefully not drive myself too crazy. If thats possible.

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