Thursday, August 05, 2004

I had a fun day!

Today, as I was going for lunch with the nice Brazilian guy I work with, I hear someone calling my name.

I turn around and see a girl running towards me. I recognize her as a girl I went to college with. I didnt care for her much. She used to talk about me when anyone else was talking about me, and she would talk to me when certain people were talking to me.

I was in med school for 6 years. I knew her for 6 years. I would never consider her a friend, and I believe she would call me her friend in the 'right' company. In my opinion, in 6 years, she gave me more reasons NOT to consider her my friend. Whenever I run into these kind of people, I'd rather not talk to them. I wouldnt care if they walked right passed me either.

She runs up to me, calling my name, "Dr.P! Dr.P!"

I turn around and go, "Hi."

She says, "Its me, A!"

I reply, "I know."

She keeps going, "How are you? What are you doing here?"

So I tell her what Im doing, and that someone told me she would be in the area. (Thankfully I was forewarned)

She asks, "Where do you live?"

I tell her where.

She asks, "Is it nearby?"

I say, "Yes."

I ask her where she's staying. She tells me where, and points in the wrong direction. I politely, yet patronizingly point to the correct direction and say, "Its over there."

Then I tell her that I have to go for lunch.

Heh heh. Hey, just because I knew her doesnt mean I have to be her friend. I never understood the concept of someone saying hi to someone because they were in the same class. If you dont know them, (and dont like them), I dont see a need to go out of the way to be nice. I know she wasnt a good person towards me, and just because that period is done, doesnt mean all is said and done. I have no reason to be nice to her. I dont care how many years have passed. My friend was in shock and said, "You are usually so patient and talk well with everyone. She must have really gotten to your bad side!"

Im glad I could deliver a little bit of the bitchy karma she deserved from me years ago.

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