Thursday, April 01, 2004

Socially, work has been a ton of fun lately.

I found a substitute squash buddy, as my squash buddy has gone home to Hungary for 2 weeks. I will now be playing squash against a New Zealander who runs like a rabbit on speed. Emergeny paramedics will be standing by.

We hired 2 new people. One girl is from Yugoslavia and her English is very minimal. Because I lived outside the U.S. for a number of years, I am fluent in broken, round about English. For a good part of the day as I showed her around, I was translating American English into broken, round about English.

For Example:

She was asked, "Do you need a social security number to pay rent?"

I had to translate, "Are you needing the social security number to give the money for the flat?"

Then she understood.

She kept saying that I was "kind" all day. She was super sweet, but I somehow have to train her to toughen up. Now I dont consider myself a rough tough cocoa puff by any stretch. But...

Earlier in the morning, one of my many bosses was telling my fave receptionist, "Since I'm on a diet, you have to pry the candy from my hands!"

Later we had a meeting where lunch was provided. Cookies inclusive. Boss #12 took a small piece of cookie. She went to take more, and I said, "Boss #12, didnt you say you shouldnt eat sugary stuff?"

She then told everyone how tough I am because I "wouldnt let her eat a cookie!" Then I was given the new assignment of scheduling the patients, because if the other Docs do it, they will do whatever they want. Meaning they will overbook and not give a second thought, and when someone does give a second thought, they will fight it.

Basically, I get to keep my other bosses in line.

So we've also hired a new data manager. He's 25 and pretty nice. Everyone thinks we will get together just because we are both single. I'm not for romance at the workplace.

I'm in a bit of a quandry. Both of these new employees are getting paid more than I do, which is bothering me a lot. I love my job. I love the atmosphere, I love the people, I love the people around the people. But I get paid peanuts!! Jacksquat! I've been thinking of applying for a new job, where I'll risk losing the extreme fulfillment I get from this job, the experience, and the opportunity to do different side research bits...but... I can get a bigger paycheck somewhere else, which will allow me to move out, and live leisurely. I doubt I will enjoy it as much. I feel so greedy.


Its time to open another bag of Lays BBQ Potato chips. Can I go to Miami now?

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