Thursday, April 22, 2004

In the sea of negativity I call my life, I always do my best to highlight the positives.

But first the negatives: (In no particular order)

1) Stupid people

2) This guy at work got himself a horrible haircut. I hate it when people do something treacherous to their looks. Why dont they realize they shouldnt mess with a good thing?!

3) I applied to a couple schools for a Masters Degree. The school I want to go to WAITLISTED me. (in my words, Put me on the B-List)

I did the applications on a whim and very last minute, so I do have every intention of reapplying again next year, with a lot more experience under my belt. I dont like the waitlist thing. I didnt get a yes, I didnt get a no. In a couple months, if I get a no, that means I wasnt really on the B-List, I was probably on the D minus list, and my ego is really tired of a beating.

Now, on to the POSITIVES!!...(Hooray!)

1) I've raised over $200 in my first Walkathon. Sunday is the big day, and I hope the sun is out.

2) I taken my second step into the 21st century and bought myself a digital camera. Now I have to figure out how to use the thing. I was hoping my Squash Buddy would read the manual for me, then teach me how to work the little camera. Its so cute.

3) (My personal fave)...I lost 3 pounds!

Losing weight for me is the item which needs to be highlighted the most. So the other day, most of my conversations went something like this...

Them: "Hey, how are you?"

Me: "I lost 3 pounds."

Them: "Do you know where Julie is?"

Me: "No, But I lost 3 pounds."

Them: "Do you know why the protocol wasnt submitted?"

Me: "Do you know that I lost 3 pounds?"

Now, I still havent had the guts to try on bathing suits which I need for my trip to Miami. I dont know if this is a positive or negative.

A couple more positives: Made all of my appointments, except for the pedicure. Haircut and highlights, waxing, and even a 30000 miles car service appointment. (I just learned today that there is a special category for the 30000 miles car service)

I feel so yin-yang.