Tuesday, April 06, 2004

One thing in life which can be the cause of great stress is buying a present for ANYONE.

I actually love buying presents. I'm not good at telling someone what I think of them, so I put all sorts of personal touches to the gift itself to let them know I care. This is accompanied with a sappy yet sweet birthday card.

This week I met my match. I have a dear friend whose birthday is coming up, and I had no idea what to get him. He's ultra-studious (attending med school in Texas), goes out once in a great while, and doesnt play any sports. He is really into his work. He is very intuitive and knows me well.

I was stuck. I know he likes the Patriots football team, but I didnt want to get a sporty gift. I got him a book for Christmas. He likes maps. On Amazon I found a book with maps from the 20th Century. Unfortunately it wasn't in stock. Why keep a book in the listing if it isnt in stock?! I saw this as a blessing, as I didnt want to be the friend who expands his book collection.

I sought the advice of this man and this man, who did their best to give direct me in the manly direction.

I then decided on a lava lamp.

I dont know why. I figure everyone should love, own, and love to own a lava lamp. Except one thing...I wasn't sure if he could carry it back to Texas with him. I am NOT giving a gift to someone so it is enjoyed by everyone else, but the person the gift was intended for. Thats not my style.

I started thinking about my week, and how hectic it is. I didnt know how I could get to the mall to buy the aforementioned lava lamp. To relax my brain and avoid gray hair spoutage, I thought about how I need to buy shoes. I remembered there was a toy store near there, and jokingly thought, "Why don't I buy some freakin' Legos for him?"

Now here is where my brain was like lightning. The idea rolled into my head. Its interesting how things will hit you out of nowhere, when you least expect it. (I'm not trying to overdramatize this!) Meaning that when you are focused and thinking about something, looking for a reason or an answer, it can be harder to find the answer. But when you're sitting back and thinking about shoes and a great outfit you saw in Cosmo, an answer or a thought will land right in front of your face.

My friend is very lonely in Texas. He has a few friends, but he misses all of us on the East Coast. Thankfully he has one more month, so I thought I would send him an "All Occasions Basket." Its not going to be filled with a candle, loofah and scented soaps.

Here is where the Legos come into play.

I was going to buy a small Lego kit. Wrap it. Put a piece of paper on the outside which reads, "Use when you need to feel constructive."

A few weeks ago, he had a fever and called to whine about his sickness. I thought of buying Nyquil, wrapping it, and having the paper read, "Use when you are feeling sick."

Then I would buy one of the baby sized tequilas, wrap it and write, "Use in times of stress!"

Then I would go to Barnes & Nobles and buy a "Party in a box" thing that they sell near the checkout, wrap it and write "Open when its Party time!"

Last, but not least, I want to make a CD, wrap it, and write, "Listen when you need to remember that someone cares about you!"

I'm pretty sure those will be the contents of the Birthday Box. It may be a little on the cheeseball side, but a gift from me is not complete without the cheesiness. Plus, its always fun to unwrap a bunch of gifts instead of one big ol' book filled with maps. Maps! What was I thinking?! To think I was proud of that idea! I promise never to do that to any of you.

I'm going to shop for all the goodies tomorrow, so who knows what I'll pick up...for him...and myself.

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