Monday, April 26, 2004

Sunday was the Walkathon. We were so lucky to have a beautiful day. The walk was only 6.5 miles. My group was a friend from high school, 2 friends from work, and the 15 year old daughter of one of them. We didnt even realize how much we walked since we were talking the whole time. It was a lot of fun! When we got there, everyone had to stretch out together. That was weird. I had this illusion that I was in California doing Yoga on the beach. By the end we sat in the grass soaking up the sunshine. We were looking good and feeling fine! I then came home, took a long, relaxing shower, and watched a movie. I didnt move far from the couch. I was in zen mode.

Contrast to today...I think I've mentioned the new Serbian girl whom I've had the (Sarcasm alert, Sarcasm alert!) extreme pleasure of training.

Her English is very minimal. She has improved greatly, and I do exhibit a large amount of patience with her. I understand the fact that she is coming to a new world, new society, new life, and it is a massive adjustment. I stress again that I am very patient with her, and will explain things to her step by step.

Today, I reached my limit.

Friday I gave her my password so she can log on to my computer and do some work. (I can log onto another computer, so I still have access) I came in today and the computer wasnt on, and she was reading something completely different than the task at hand.

I asked her, "Why didnt you turn on the computer?"

She said, "I dont know how."

This was her response. For real. Dead Serious.

She's 35 years old!! I'm confident that there are computers in Serbia!! What is going on?!

There are only 3 buttons anyway. The sad thing is, she didnt attempt to press any of them. I figured she thought one was a nuke button. (At this point, I still had my jacket on. I probably should have turned around and gone back home)

Still with my jacket on, she points to the blackness on the computer screen says in a confused voice, "...what about the screen?"

Inside my head I was screaming,"Mother, do you want to bang heads with me?" But my mother did not get my telepathic message.

I pushed the ONE button on the computer screen to turn it on.

Wait. There's more. Much more.

The CTRL+ALT+Delete sign comes on. You have to press these at the same time so the sign in comes on. She was pressing them one at a time. I forgave her for this oversight.

She signs in, and assures me she knows how to get to her program. She tries to insert the floppy into Drive A. She's struggling. She's trying to shove it into the drive. Seeing her do this, I noticed that the silver part of the floppy was facing outside.

She turns to me and says, "Its not going."

I told her that she had to "Put her thing down flip it and reverse it." She finally understood, and the disk was inserted and she began work.

My day was all downhill from there.

***Pluses about a down day. Everyone is extra nice, and treats you like a cutie pie. I talked to Cali Law Student Boy, and the compliments were rolling. I'm feeling a bit better. I'm debating if I should have a shot of tequila before bed to really and truly knock me out.

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