Monday, April 05, 2004

Ah...the weekend wrap up!


Working with the Yugoslavian/Serbia girl has been difficult due to her minimal English. She is very very nice, but she is literally perched on my shoulder. I cant even write non-work related email because she just stares at the screen. I also have to help her with all the little things because she is too scared to ask anyone. Not that I mind, but my work is suffering.

Then I thought about when I was a girl in a foreign country. It was hard to find anyone to help, so I offered to take Serbia girl to buy some things. Poor girl doesnt have a car, and just doesnt have anything.

We went to Walmart. As we looked at laundry baskets, she said how 'gorgeous' Walmart is. Gorgeous isnt the word I would use to describe Walmart. So with 2 carts, we bought a microwave, a TV, dishes, and silverware. She marveled at how much cheaper things were here than in Serbia.

I asked her if she had an elevator in her apartment. She said yes, so I was happy. But there was something about the look on her face that didnt convince me. I've done the smile and nod bit when someone is speaking to me in a foreign language. I'm not falling for my bit! So I rephrased the question as, "Is there a lift in your flat?"

"No," she replied.

"CRAP!" I thought.

So I ended up carrying all the heavy stuff up 3 flights of stairs. (Lamp, Microwave, Chair) She helped me with the TV. I was so dead. Anytime I help someone move, I like to go for drinks afterwards. I couldnt even muster water. (I should also mention that I had to be at work at 7am that day)

I couldnt meet my friend for drinks. No way. It wasnt happening.

Although she thanked me profusely, and she even thanked me today. She's taking me out for pizza on Wednesday. Holla.


Lunch with the girls! Myself and 3 of my high school friends went out to lunch. We then enumerated the list of people we don't want to see from high school. This whole reunion thing isnt looking so promising.


Sunday night I went over to Christy's. She worked on something called a Mercy Ship. She has a ton of friends from that, and they are a great bunch. They are very gracious and so smart, I love hanging around them. We were going to a concert.

Before the concert, we went to this place called "The Space" where there was some sort of Christian gathering reading. I HATE being a part of anything religious. I'm not, and I dont really believe in any organized religion, so when I'm at one of these things, I feel awkward. People are singing with their eyes closed, swaying, and raising their hands to God. I've never had any feeling like that ever, and its seems a little too evangelistal to me. We went because Christy's friend was doing a reading. She's having a crisis with faith, and only went to support him. All that preaching was too strange for me. This may come as a shock to you, but I passed on communion. Not that I'm baptized anyway.

FINALLY we got out of there, and went for a quick bite to eat. I had the YUMMIEST, greasiest chicken wings in the world. After 7, I was stuffed. Boy were they fun to eat!

Then we went to the concert venue. Its one of those smaller places which fits about 200 people standing.

We saw Great Big Sea!

Great Big Sea are this band from Canada. They play fun/Irish/Celtic/Rock/happy type music. They are HUGE there. They play for stadiums filled with 10,000 people. Here...not so huge...yet.

We had so much fun. We were all jumping around (happy jumping, not mosh pit jumping) dancing and singing along. We were all sober, but probably looked drunk. It was great. Great as Great Big Sea themselves! We couldnt stop smiling, and after the concert we were all so giddy.

After the concert, came home and crashed on my lovely bed.

Today was the first day of daylight lasting until 7:30-8pm.

The sun was shining.

We're getting there.

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