Friday, February 04, 2005

I got one of the highest compliments today.

At precicely 3:17pm, my friend called me the Goddess of Cynicism!


I want my tiara and sash NOW.

It all started with the whole Valentines Day Shmalentines Day talk. I mentioned how its just another form of commercialism by wrapping up every single candy in red and silvery paper and reselling it. Its another holiday for 'loved ones' to rush down to Hallmark, by some card, pick up some flowers, and toss out the receipt on the way home.

I saw the movie Hotel Rwanda recently (go see it). Everyone knew about the genocide, and no one did anything to stop it. Instead they told the world that they are working on it, and a couple people did some good things for a couple people, but the majority were neglected.

Valentines day is similar. Everyone knows about it. There are some people who will do sweet things for their significant other. The majority of people will be part of the neglected bunch or the last minute I-better-buy-something-to-NOT-get-in-trouble gift. But it sounds better to buy something than to say the holiday is full of shit.

I dont need another bear holding a heart. I dont need more chocolate. (wait, thats not true) I dont need someone to rush around to 'celebrate' our love on one specific day since thats what the media is forcing us to do.

You know what would be special for me? Hanging out on Valentines Day and saving the something special for the day after, or a couple weekends after. I want to have our own day and share it because we want to, and not because the world says so.

Why boyfriends have wanted to stay with me, I'll never know.

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