Monday, February 21, 2005

I actually had a restful weekend.

Since the NHL is being uncooperative and finding reasons NOT to give me a hockey season this year, I got my fix by going to a school game and bringing a friend along with me.

My school's hockey team is pretty awful. The funny thing is, I've never been on a losing team before. I've lost before, but never where the amount of losses exceeded my wins. (This is only in reference to athletics) SO it was kind of crappy when my school didnt score ONE goal.

Saturday, my re-sickened self went over to my parents house. I ended up going to see one of my friends who came down from Boston, and we went to see Hitch. It was funny, but the end got all sappy wappy, and I wasnt prepared for that.

Sunday, hung around my parents some more. Found out they are going to Florida for 5 days. I hope they have fun, I wish they were taking me. I hope to get a cool souvenier out of this trip though. Their last trip, when they went to the Bahamas, I got a $2 (Mom left the price tag on) bright orange t-shirt, that went down to my knees, had tropical flowers on it, with "Bahamas" smeared across the front. It was hideous.

Today I saw a wonderful speaker at school. Paul Rusesabagina. If this name is not familiar to you, you have not seen Hotel Rwanda like I told you to. It was amazing hearing him speak. You could feel the emotion from living through a genocide. Can you believe that 9000 people were killed/day? I cant believe there were governments who could sleep at night knowing this information.

Thats about all the update from here. Its now time for me to take cold and sinus meds. Cant wait for the summer, and this semester to be OVER.

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