Thursday, February 24, 2005

Since I've had the joy of being in a knocked-out kind of sickness state for 2 weeks (therefore not leading much of a life), I've been able to watch lots of tv. I've decided to talk about a show I HATE and a show I like.

New Show to Hate:

Theres a new show on VH-1 dealing with race and lust. Its mainly talking about biracial celebrities, and interracial couples in movies and real life. This is right up my alley. I love to see how other people deal with their situations.

Sadly, the show was about peoples opinion on these things. Some people were like, Why cant they stick to their own race?-type thing, and there were a lot of insults directed toward whites. I hate this because racism is racism no matter what race someone is. Just because 'whites' are the majority, I dont think its right or fair to sit and be racist to someone. There was even a comment on how Halle Berry 'used' to have black costars before she became this big star, and now she works with white costars. They were talking about how biracial people are confused. They even had a segment on "Who's more Latina, Cameron Diaz or Christina Aguilera?" The kicker: The segment on how do Asians/Latinos love, how do Black/White love, etc. Maybe it was supposed to be informational, but I thought the whole program was downright racist. It was such a negative show, I couldnt believe it was on. Yes, I did watch it. I was hoping for some change in attitude or lesson to be learned. Didnt get that, so now Im appalled.

Awesome show (which is not so new):

I'm hooked to MADE on MTV. This is a show where a high school kid writes in wanting to be "Made" into some type of person (usually the opposite of what they are at that moment). So a girly girl will want to learn to race dirt bikes BMX style, a girl who sings classical music will want to learn hip hop dance to try out for the hip hop dance squad at their school, etc. They track the journey until the tryouts/big event, and see how they change.

The best best BEST one I saw was about this kid named Dov. He is very smart (nerd in high school terms), into dance and theatre, and bullied all the time. He wanted to be "Made" into a wrestler and try out for his high school team. He was so cute and sweet, and I didnt understand why he hardly had any friends. He said how bullying got so bad for him in one school that he had to switch, but unfortunately the same thing happened at this school. The cool thing was, Kurt Angle (big burly wrestler) visited Dov at school and confronted his bully, and the bully was crapping in his pants. Anyway, Dov got all this training, got confident, got the nice girl to go to the dance with him and made it on the wrestling team. It was just so sweet.

I love it when nice guys and gals finish FIRST. Thats how life should be.

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