Monday, February 14, 2005

I'm sick. On Valentines Day. How appropriate.

Since I didnt go to class, I can now blog. So there are some benefits here. Although I wish I had some sort of talent. I have so many crafty friends around my area, and in the blog world. Pua knits beautifully, and lest not forget all the wonderful bloggers who can add a personal touch to their graphic artists if you will.

I have friends here who make beautiful scrapbooks, skirting for tables, clothes, pictures, candles...loads of things. I wish I had that kind of talent. Or maybe the patience to use that kind of talent. At least I could create something beautiful instead of cooling my fevered head on the cool window. (I'm taking a holistic approach to medicine today)

Actually, if I could do anything artsy, I'd love to know how to play the piano. I could conceivably learn, so maybe I will someday.

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