Sunday, January 30, 2005


I know someone on a reality tv show!

Dont you want to be my friend now?*

I like some reality tv, although Im sick of it since there is no originality in tv anymore. Luckily the girl I know is on a show I can stand. The girl I know is not really I girl I know NOW. Or Anymore. I used to babysit her, and her family still lives near my parents family. So you see the tight* connection going on here.

With all the reality tv going on these days its easy to find someone who has the same tight* connection to the reality tv person as I have with mine. The funny thing is, it kind of makes you want to watch the show even more. My thought was a, "Hey I used to know you! What is someone from my town up to?"

So, yes, every once in a while I mention that I know this reality tv person. Some people respond with, "Really?!" And its so hard to be all casual and cool when you know someone on reality tv.* Used to know someone who is on reality tv now. Ok, havent had a real conversation with them since you stopped babysitting them, although the family still lives down the street from you. Although its useless to talk about if someone doesnt even watch the show at all.

She got eliminated though.

So I move on to bragging about the other famous person I once used to know years ago...someone on Dawson's Creek.

Oh yeah, you so want to be my friend now.*

All the *s in this post denote a huge amount of sarcasm.

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