Thursday, February 10, 2005

A few comments before the actual post:

*Its Chinese New Year, and my Chinese friends have amused me by wishing me "Happy Chinese New Year, its the year of the Cock!"

*I ran into cute TA again on a day I decided to mismatch my outfit since I was running late for class.

*I went to the store to pick up a V-Day card for CLS Boy, and all the cards made me physically ill.


Someone once told me that many of the qualities one dislikes in other people, they have themselves. Ok, Im pretty sure I heard it on Oprah. BUT! I never thought about it, until there were some personality pet peeves that I do not like in others, which I found in myself. So yes, sadly, I'm flawed.

When I notice what I'm doing, I try to correct myself.

Its always silently enjoyable to notice others doing the same thing I've done: complain about flaws in others without realizing they may have the exact same flaw.

My recent enjoyment came from one of my friends, C. She tends to talk about how awful it is when people are judgemental, when she is quite judgemental herself. She also HATES it when people who have attended Ivy League or other high ranked colleges, name drop their university into conversation, talk intelligently using their SAT/GRE vocab words, and look at her in disdain when she mentions the college she went to. (Which is a good school) I understand her pain. When this happens to me, I just let these people be. ALthough I completely agree with her if someone acts like other colleges are nothing compared to their school.

I'm quite happy with the university I'm attending. C and I work at the same place which is affiliated with the University I attend. I mentioned to C that one of my friends is applying for a Post-Bac program at Harvard. Somehow, the conversation ended up with C going on about all the things wrong with my school, and all the things right with Harvard. (she's taken a few classes at Harvard)

To be honest, I dont know the intricacies about my school. I'm just happy I'm going. I dont know if one school is truly better than the other, because I believe it is all subjective. There are many wonderful schools out there that offer so many programs and have students working all over the world.

So I was quite amused with the way she was talking. I let her go on. I knew she felt comfortable going on since she got into a Ph.D program (not at Harvard) a couple days ago, so she has been feeling extra confident these days, and a little competitive with me. (Even though Im going for a masters in a different field)

She ended it with, "So thats why I'll always be a Harvard girl."

With that I smiled for a minute. Then erupted in laughter.

I didnt tell her why I was laughing. I didnt think it was anything to debate over, its not something i care about. She didnt ask why I was laughing.. She changed the subject really quick.

Did I mention she's going to study Psychology?...ahhh...I love observing people too.

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