Wednesday, January 21, 2004

This year has been a year of breaking even. Gaining what I lost.

I lost a ring in Boston. The next week, my friend said she found it in her car.

I ended a friendship, as the friend went psycho on me. He then wrote a letter of apology, and we are working on our friendship again.

Weight gain.

On Friday, I was told I was canned. Today, they said they will keep me for another few months until my position is filled by someone else. The thing is, when they gave me the job, there was never an advertisement or posting for my position. I had called to see if there was anything available, and they said yes. Because it was never advertised, its not a valid position, which is why I cant be made permanent. Temporary positions can last no longer than 6 months. Yesterday I started telling people that January 30th is my last day. I was surprised to see how upset some people felt. I have to admit, it is nice to be valued. Im happy that I have my job for a little while longer. Hopefully by the time I finish, I'll be starting school.

And I can still go for a haircut with my gay and glamorous hairdresser. Life is semi-normal again.

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