Friday, January 23, 2004

There is a time and place for an opinion. Some people think there is always a time and place for their opinion.

I was walking down the hallway at work, when some random dude said, "Are you going to attempt to smile?"

I dont know this dude (I had other bad names for him, but I've been trying to curb my swearing habits), and he doesnt know me. He doesnt know if I've had a bad day or not. Point being, I've never had any interaction with him. What is he, the smile police?

I politely responded with a, "No, not today."

My emotions are written on my face. If Im mad, one can tell. If Im happy one can tell. But when Im not happy, random people feel the need to interject their invaluable opinion about me smiling, or not.

Another day, I had a rough day at work. My focus was getting to my car, and speeding home. A guy who was on his cell phone said, "Jeez, would it hurt you to crack a smile?"

I politely responded, "Yes it would." And continued walking off.

I dont understand why people have to say anything. Im not smiling because I dont have anything to smile about at that moment. Me and my glum face will be past your line of vision in less than 10 seconds, one cant keep their thoughts to themselves? Or do they think their opinion means something to me? The look on my face is that agonizing for you it cant be tolerated? I dont know you, you dont know me, and I dont care.

It cant possibly validate a person. Since those days, I still havent made a conscious effort to smile if Im having a bad day. I dont owe anyone anything. Im not screaming down the street (even if I'd like to), or acting violently (although I would like to).

Sometimes people care about the strangest things.

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