Friday, January 02, 2004

Happy New Year!

When you dont blog for a week, lots of things happen, so Im somehow going to have to keep my update in parts. This will be part I.

My 27th Birthday. Thank you God, it was the best. This is the first time I have ever gone out in a fun way on my birthday due to the timing. I think I'll be spending evey birthday in the City.

I went into NYC on Saturday afternoon. My first stop was Macy's to get my first item from MAC makeup ever. Lipgloss. That was the most suitable purchase seeing as I dont wear any other form of makeup. Lots of good looking people in Macy's, and there I was schlepping with my backpack, tourist written all over me. Ladies, (and Men too), I highly recommend MAC lipgloss. It never comes off!

I ended up with 2 lipglosses and a lip liner, and headed over to my friends apartment in the Hells Kitchen area for a little pregame partying, and the chance to put my damn backpack to rest. We were straight chillin boos, then we got ready. C.O. has enough makeup to paint a whole house, so she insisted on doing my face. She put all this pinky and purply eyeshadow, and a pinky lipgloss. I was worried, but darn happy with the results if I do say so myself. I'll have to go back to Macy's to buy a 3rd MAC lipgloss. I was looking fly.

Most of my favorite bars/lounges are all along 9th Ave, so our first stop was Bar Nine. There I had Raspberry Cosmopolitans, and my friend R and I made conversation with the bartender. I was wearing black pants with a funky purply shirt, and R was wearing a shiny greenish shirt, and a pair of pants which I dont know how to describe. Accordion like, I suppose. This Australian Bartender was commenting on how colorful we were and how we stood out against the all black crowd. Hey, thats why I wore what I wore.

2 more friends of mine met up with us, and by that time I moved on to my 3rd Raspberry Cosmo, looking good feeling fly. R was insistant we go to his friends bar before midnight, the 28th. So I said bye bye to my Aussie Bartender, and we crossed the street and went to S.R.O. (Single Room Occupancy). Here I felt exclusive and elite, as you have to press a buzzer in order to get in. There is a camera outside, and if they think you're ok, they let you in. I know they let me in because I was with R, but how many people can say, "Well, they let me in." Ok, the only person I know who has gone into S.R.O. is R and C.O, but I still felt glam.

S.R.O. is a narrow corridor like place, all black with white candles. THey only serve beer and wine. My friends paid for everything, and I was having Merlots. What I like about small bars is that you can talk to people and the bartenders. So I told them it was my birthday, and at midnight they played, "In Da Club" by 50 Cent, and they sang "Go Shorty, its your birthday!" Not much more to elaborate on. I thought it was 2:30am for about 3 hours. But I was feeling good, and chatting away.

My 2 friends who met up with us, went their separate ways, and it was just R and I. We made one last stop at the Mercury Bar, where I had a rum and coke. We were talking and it was nice. Although walking back, everything was a bit blurry, and I had to tell him to direct me. But we got back safe and sound, and I passed out like I did 27 years ago.

After that, I went to C.O. and R's place, picked up the damn backpack, boarded the train, slept on the train, and went home smiling.

My list of presents : Gift Certificates from--H&M, Victorias Secret, The Limited, Bath and Body Works, Lord and Taylor
picture frame
uncut diamond necklace from my mother
Scrabble CD Rom
Moosie stuffed animal
New outfit from Benetton (from me)
free drinks
Im still awaiting present from best friend, who is in Spain til tomorrow!

Not too bad. Not bad at all. Im off to Boston now. The next installment should be New Years (Not much to elaborate on!), and some Boy stories. Will you be back?