Friday, January 30, 2004

Friday night. Just came back from K's. I actually had a NYC weekend planned out, but I've opted to stay home and get together with friends I havent seen in a while. Then on Sunday, while a SuperBowl Party is being thrown at my house (by my parents), I will be in another room with my cousin having the Anti-SuperBowl Party. This consists of watching DVD's such as Amelie, Y Tu Mama Tambien, and a movie of his choice. The main reason the Anti-Superbowl Party is at my house is because we are Pro Superbowl Snacks.

The other day at work, K.B. and I decided to order nachos from the hospital cafe. She dials the number and hears a beep. K.B. asks J.L., "What do I do when I hear the beep? Do I just leave a message?" And J.L. says, "Yeah."

K.B. leaves this message, "My name is K.B. and my number is *****. I'd like one order of Loaded Nachos to be ready by 11:30. If there is a problem, please give me a call."

Harmless enough.

Within 30 seconds, the phone was ringing non-stop.

Somehow she missed a number while she was dialing. She had dialed the PA system to call for a Code, and her 'message' went all over the hospital...the clinic, all the floors, the cafeteria...everywhere.

We were laughing so hard, we couldnt even attempt to console her. We finally calmed down and someone walked in and asked,"K.B. I hear there are some nachos in here!" She will never live this down (understandibly so!).

I laughed for 8 hours straight. Now that is the most embarassing moment I've ever heard of.

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