Saturday, January 03, 2004

Chronologically, I should blog about my New Years. This blog is all about disorderly conduct, so I must follow the rules.

I drove up to Boston on Friday. It was a smooth ride, I reached Lizzie's place safe and sound. I was there for a couple hours. Myself, her and her hubby went out for Thai food, and just hung around for a couple hours. Since I told S.C and B.C. I would meet them by 4, I left Lizzie's by 3:45. Lizzie and The C's live within 15-20 minutes of each other.

First I must explain Boston. I dont like Boston. It doesnt have any personality, but I go there to see my friends. I do like the jazz clubs there. Roads in Boston are horrendous. NYC is a city with its land area that is more North-South. Therefore the roads are arranged in a grid-like manner. So if driving is your form of transportation to NYC, and you miss your specific turn (pretty much every other street is a one-way street), you turn at the next street, travel in a square and you can get back to your original spot. (I think I made it sound more confusing than it really is)

Boston is full of rotaries. Bends, twists and turns. Its not straightforward. Therefore, if you miss a turn, you've basically created a downward spiral for yourself. This is exactly what happened to me.

Im at one of these rotaries and take a wrong turn. Im travelling along and at this point I call S.C. She tells me to turn around, and go back to the aforementioned rotary and take another turn. I do that, and get completely lost. I took a grand tour of Boston. I saw Harvard and M.I.T., and then got back on track. Since I was making S.C. late to meet her friend, they decided I was lost enough to get directed to the mall instead. So Im supposed to cross this long Bridge over the Charles River. At some point the road splits, and I was supposed to follow the right road. I get to the end of the bridge and go right. I end up on Commonwealth Ave (getting a small tour of Boston University), and I feel lost again. I stop at a gas station to get directions (again). As I exit the gas station, Im trying to get into the left lane. Im in the right lane, just about to turn when the car at the stop light backs into me! (He had stopped over the crosswalk and decided to backup) This shakes me to the core. Im completely lost and now someone backed their f*in car into me. I wasnt in a mood to fight with anyone. I was lucky in that the guy was from Colorado and very very nice.We exchanged the insurance info and etc, so hopefully everything will be straightened out in a bit.

I was told to get to this mall I have to cross over a Mass Ave bridge, and take a right. Im stuck in the left lane and cant cross over. Here the theory of, "If I just take the next left, I'll make a nice little square and be back on track." Oh no. Hell no. It couldnt be that easy. I end up on the highway and take the first exit. Im in Boston Commons. Im supposed to be in Cambridge. Im all messed up. I talk to my friend for the 100th time, and I see a sign for the Mass Pike (aka The highway!). Im so happy, that I figure I'll get on it, and if I end up going West, I'll go straight back home. If I go east, I'll go to my friends. So I see the sign for the East, and I get on. As she's directing me, I finally start crying a bit saying, "Its taken me 2 hours to drive a 20 minute drive!" After another 20 minutes I reach her place. B.C. is waiting for me, hands me a cupcake and says, "Cupcakes are good after car accidents."

He drives me to the mall, and assures me that if you miss any turn you take in Boston, your grand tour will begin. So we meet with everyone at the Cheesecake Factory. We're all sitting and chatting and I realize Im missing a ring. I still have not found it but it was just more shit to add to the pile. The Apple Martini came just in time.

Then we went to The C's home, with their couple friends, and played this 80's/90's Trivia game, which I loved. We lost, but it was a fun blast into the past. I played a bit of Mortal Kombat which helped to relieve some stress.

The couple friends left, and we went to Jillians. Jillians is by Fenway Park, and its an arcade/pool hall/darts/fooseball/ bar/dance club kind of place. Everything is on a different level. I was sitting in the back of the car, which is a two-door. As Im crawling out of the back seat, my foot gets stuck on the inside of the car, I trip, fall and twist my ankle. I get up, and hobble myself to Jillians, because I was determined to have a good time. All the crap that was going on only affected me, and it wasnt due to anyone else. Just some bad karma, or misalignment of the moon. We went inside, and I got myself another drink (for medical reasons), played darts and fooseball.

We go home, and I slump on the couch. I was drained. Everyone is talking but my head is numb. I told myself that tomorrow will be a new day, and hopefully things will fall back into its happy little place.

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