Thursday, December 11, 2003

I got an email from Cali Law Student Boy. He basically told me that he likes me. Its very strange. I dont know why. He made it plainly obvious, but how do you respond when someone is on the other side of the country? I've only met him once, and even though we email, you dont know what you get when face to face. He described me as "poised and charming with a radiant smile." Damn. The nicest description D'ex had for me was "You dont nag me, your cheesecake is phenomenal, and you have a great ass." (Not that I mind that description either, but Cali Law Student Boy had a more eloquent version.) Im not sure what to do. I dont take starting a relationship lightly, especially if it has to be long distance right from the beginning. I suppose I should tell him the previous sentence I wrote. I dont think Im being illogical or irrational. We could still be friends. Maybe. We'll see.

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