Saturday, December 13, 2003

So I wrote my email to Cali Law Student Boy. He seemed cool with it as he said, "You cant blame a guy for trying!" Im glad that went off without a hitch. (I think)

A friend of mine from work is recently divorced (She's 35). By recently, I mean the papers were signed 2 weeks ago. To add insult to injury, her car engine went kaput on her, and she hasnt been able to do a darn thing.

I asked her at work if she set up her Christmas tree yet, and she said, "I cant even get one, the damn car is in the shop, and Im not in the Christmas mood this year." I told her I would take her to buy a tree.

Yesterday after work, we went to The Christmas Tree Shop (This is the actual name of the store). It was packed of course, but we were armed with our cart. We bought all of the ornaments, stockings, a Santa hat for 89 cents, and a big red bow. The last thing left on the list was the (artificial) tree. We searched and searched. There was no way that The Christmas Tree Shop could not have a Christmas tree. We found the section, and got the LAST tree. We were psyched.

Afterwards, we went for Jamaican food. She's of Jamaican descent, so I figured she could be my Jamaican food guide. Oh boy oh boy. That was some goooood stuff. Not as spicy as I expected, but it was yummylicious. This restaurant had posters of Jamaica all over the place and now I want to get out of this cold, frosty weather and run to the loving sun rays of the Carribean.

We went to her place, and me, her, and her daughter set up the Christmas tree. It was so pretty. My friend was so excited. She said, "Its so pretty we should put it up in Macy's!" It really was though.

Then I came home, tended to a few phone calls. I love talking on the phone late at night, under my cozy comforter. Its so relaxing.

Now its early morning and Im up. I actually have some things I'll probably procrastinate on. I should hang up the Christmas cards I've been getting. Sounds exciting? Its a pretty normal thing to do I guess.

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