Monday, December 08, 2003

Good news. I got into Community College! Yay!

I have to take a math credit for my masters degree, which is why the days of community college will begin. Nice to know I can get into some college.

I just got back from our department Christmas party. The food and wine was great, and the $100 stuffed in the Christmas card was even better. Happy Holidays!!

I've been slightly worried about my karma. I have good intentions with everything I do. Sometimes I do and say things that arent so nice, especially when I have the unsettling feeling that people are not being sincere with me. I do as much good as I can. I deserve a little good karma once in a while. Sometimes I see people who are mean and insincere, but all sorts of luck is bestowed upon them. Then I see people who are very kind and generous, and it seems like they get kicked down so many times. Some people become bitter, and some people become even more kind and generous. I was bitter for a long time, and I've been trying the power of positive thinking. Especially since everyday I see cancer patients who have such uplifting spirits about everything, and I have also seen these same patients vent, cry, and look dejected. Will the power of positive thinking ever take effect, or are we merely playing with our own minds?

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