Thursday, December 04, 2003

Fun moments with friends. (Not this time)

I've been agonizing over a friend who invited herself to go to a New Years party with me. This same chick also invited herself to stay at my friends apartment in NYC. Someone whom she hasnt even met. Without asking to see if it was ok with me, or even checking with me to see if my friends had any sort of problem with it. I kept all my anger pent up and I found myself resenting her, and she didnt know why. So I did the sensible thing. I told a semi-lie. I said, "My cousins from Phoenix will be in that week, so I dont think I'll be going to the city for New Years."

Her response: "Well, tell your friends that I'll be taggin along with them."

My internal reaction, "She did not say that. She did NOT just say that she was going out with my friends. She did not fuckin say that. Please tell me the acoustics in this room are bad."

My response: "What?!"

Her response: "I can hang with your friends if you're not going to be there."

My internal reaction: "Is she still talking? I've got to take this chick along for my birthday? Maybe I should come up with an excuse for that too. Why is all this lack of common courtesy being thrown in my face?"

My response: "They're going to a party at someone else's loft. They cant bring any number of people they want." (This is the truth.)

Her response: "Oh ok. I get it."

I wonder if she knew I didnt want her to come. Lately I've been feeling like the only reason she wants me to go to NYC with her, is because Im the one with the friends there. Im not getting a sincere vibe anymore. At this point, I dont care. I was so mad. Im not even upset that I told my little white lie. I should probably think of one for my birthday too. Maybe I should join Friendster...Nahhh...

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