Thursday, March 10, 2005

A lot of my friends have been through many milestones which I havent reached yet, and I always cheer them on.

Then, along comes that one friend who I thought would be behind the times like myself, who reaches a milestone I'm not close to.

This weekend I had 2 of those friends reach milestones. One got engaged, and one had her baby shower.

The baby shower was nice, although I was the only one who was neither married, or with child. Even the girls who I went to high school with were talking about teething and day care, and the older mom's on the other side of me were talking about grandchildren. I felt a little out of place. Then I received the Yahoo photo album for the shower, where there's a picture of me at the corner of tables grandmother and new mothers with the caption, "You'll be at the mommy table soon Dr.P!"...glad to know that was sent to all her family and friends *sarcasm*.

So after seeing way too much pink for one day, I went to my parents house where they proceeded to tell me that they would like to being their process of moving back to India by December. So by the time I graduate in May 2006, they'll be done too. I know they want to go...they've spent more time in this country away from their mothers and siblings, and they've done all they need to do here, so they deserve not to be tied down by us (Me). Knowing that my stable home will not be ours anymore is a little saddening. I like knowing my parents are at least in the same time zone as I am. My friends have said I can go visit their parents if I need some parenting. heh heh.

So I've been reassessing. Where I am, where I am going to, and what will become of me. To be honest, I havent come up with any answers, and I think I have to get used to that.

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