Tuesday, March 29, 2005

I can't take the enormity of Christianity that is on the news day in and day out.

There I said it. It may sound awful, but thats just how I feel.

I like religion of all types. I have friends who have brought me into the worlds of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Atheism and many subtexts of these. I think religion helps many people retrieve a sense of peace and hope when they feel like there is none. I don't like people selling their religion to me, telling me why I should believe one way or another. If my heart takes me one way or another, then that way I shall go.

It seems like everyone is consulting The Bible to make decisions. Concerning Terri Schiavo, I do understand it, since people are divided by science and morals. (I think there is a diplomatic way to handle this, but I'm sure for some legal reason, its not possible) But I just read an article about a man in Colorado who was served the death penalty, and had his sentence switched to life in prison since jurors consulted the Bible during deliberations. The Governor of Colorado and the prosecution saw no problem with this.

Did someone throw out the Constitution? Didn't many people come here from England for the separation of Church and State? We are seeing the effects of the combination of Church and State.

I suppose the part that angers me is the question of, "What if that were me?"

If I were Terri Schiavo, would people be rallying to make sure I get fed, or would I be considered destined to hell since I am not a Christian? And would this same line of thought be valid in other situations where others would be required to decide my fate in some way?

I hope not.

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