Friday, February 27, 2004

I'm going to NYC tomorrow first thing in the morning. The funny thing is, Im probably going to meet up with a few friends from here. So I'm basically moving the crowd.

I dont know what I'll do. I love to watch the sunset by the Hudson. I havent seen a good sunset since my birthday, and I feel like I need the peace again.

I had a glimmer of hope today. I heard the song "Low Rider" by War two times this morning--on the radio at that!

This may seem stupid, but I love that song. It puts me in a happy place, and to hear it twice when I wasnt even trying had me smiling.

Then I went to happy hour at work, and my Hungarian friend has decided to teach me to play squash on Monday. Then after happy hour, Sann and I went to the Jamaican restaurant for beef patties. Now Im home alone, enjoying the peace and quiet, waiting for Sex and the City to come on.

Tomorrow...I'm going to party. Well, I'll have a good time anyway. I'm ready to at least like life and myself again. This may not be the answer, but it will be a quick fix for now. Lets just hope theres enough eye candy to keep me satisfied.

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