Wednesday, February 11, 2004

On Saturday night at the condo, Liz (who is married with 3 kids), mentioned that she walks around the house naked in front of her family. She washes the dishes naked. My prudish self found this quite strange.

My Austrian friend once mentioned that she sits around the house naked. Hanging out, watching tv, NAKED. She told me that her parents walked around naked when she was a kid. After seeing the surprised look on my face, she asked me, "You mean you've never seen your parents naked?"...uh, my dad didnt like it if I wore a skirt that fell 2 inches above my knee.

Even when the world got a glimpse of Janet Jackson's right nip, I was one of those who thought, "Wrong place, wrong time." (I think Justin Timbersnake is being a total sissyshit about the whole thing. He didnt look shocked at all)

At most (or least), in the words of Jessica Simpson, I've walked around with "nothing but a t-shirt on." And my parents should be away for the weekend. Clothes which fall and cling in all the right places adds a bit of sexy intrigue. I've never understood the "Bare it all" mentality. I could be a little jealous of that line of thinking. Its only been in recent years I've become comfortable with my body type, and I've learned how to dress accordingly.

Although if any of your wrote a letter to What Not to Wear (the U.S. or U.K versions), I would not be upset at all. Hell, it would be the best present to get $5000 to go shopping in Manhattan. (or 2500 sterling to shop in London)

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