Friday, February 13, 2004

Today is Friday the evil premonition for Valentines Day.

It is also D'ex's 29th birthday, so I gave him a holla. He was his usual charming self, trying to get me to visit and convert to Judaism (all with comic dexterity). He has a certain zing in his personality that Cali Law Student Boy doesnt have. If I could mash the two together I'd have one hell of a guy!

I had a plan today with Em and Christy. Em cancels on me last minute. She said she already had plans with someone else, but we had this plan for a few days now. She left a message on my cell which I happened to check during the course of the day. I was angry. Last minute cancelling is not cool in my book, especially if its to go out with someone else! Em doesnt know Christy, and I thought it would be fun if they met.

So Christy and I continued on with the plan...Indoor Rock Climbing. My outdoorsy, adventuresome Christy has rock climbed in Cambodia, South Africa and Thailand. My rock climbing consists of walking on a gravel filled walkway.

It was fun! But like skiing, I realized how little upper body strength I do have. You really have to pull yourself up. I mastered the beginner wall, and made it halfway up the intermediate wall. Meanwhile Christy is climbing all over the walls. My favorite part was gliding down though. I love the feel of flight. Its one of those sports that look so much easier on TV. Its still fun all the same. I would love to master it. Of course I would need some bicep and tricep development in my arm.

Now Im back to the same pain status I was in on Monday. Arm pain, gut pain, back pain, quad pain, toe pain, etc. My muscles are in a quandry. I truly believe some of my little muscles are in shock after 27 years of not being put to use at all.

Tomorrow is Valentine Shmalentines Day. Ugh. Cali Law Student Boy has sent me flowers and my friend in Colorado sent me a Valentine. I cant wait til this madness is over. Im taking a friend out for lunch and a movie since its her birthday.

Its also supercalifragilisticexpialadocious of a man's birthday on Valentines Day! Thank you for your continous friendship and kindness, and for teaching me the true meaning of being fabulous.

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