Monday, January 24, 2005

Excerpts of some conversations I had this weekend:

Conversation #1, Saturday, 12 Noon

The Setting: Im lazy bonesing on the couch watching tv.

Mom: "I have a suggestion for you."

Me: "What?"

Mom: "Go to the website and find yourself a nice guy. It will be good, you do it yourself, and there are no parents interfering."

Me: "I dont want to."

Mom: "Just look and see if you find anyone interesting!"

Me: "Nah."

Mom: "Just do it."

Me: "Ok."

Conversation #2, Saturday 12:17pm

The Setting, I get off the couch to get something to eat.

Me: "Im hungry."

Mom: "Do you remember the website I told you about?"

Me: "Yes."

Mom: "Are you going to check into it?"

Me: "No."

Mom: "Then why did you say yes before?"

Me: "Because you wouldnt leave me alone."

Conversation #3, roughly 5pm on Saturday

The setting: Im sitting with my dad on the couch.

Dad: "I just want you to have a good job...and get married."

Me: "Ok."

Dad: "RandomAunty's son married an American. She says that she doesnt even feel comfortalbe going there because the American is always asking when she's leaving. RandomAunty says its nice that R (my brother) married an Indian. You can call and go there, and its very comfortable."

Me: "Not all Americans are like that."

Dad: "Dont marry one."

Me: *Silence*

Conversation #3, Saturday eve, 6pm

The setting: Mom is making dinner. My 3 year old niece is sitting on the counter watching her. I walk in.

Me: "Im hungry."

Mom (to my niece): "Tell your aunty to get married."

Me (to my niece): "If I get married, then I'll have to move away, and I wont be able to play with you all the time."

My niece: "You no get married Aunty."

Mom (to me): "Dont tell her (niece) those things!" (To my niece) "Tell her(me) its important to get married." (Back to me) "Go browse the website."

Saturday, 10pm

The setting: Im listening to my niece play the maracas while singing Sesame Street Songs.

Mom: "Will you just give me peace of mind and get married?! Do you want to be alone your whole life?!"

Me: "You havent left me alone yet."

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