Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Hidey Ho Blogger!

Im a bore these days. I had my first week of class, and its going. I think Im reeling from one of the grades from my class last semester. I could have done better, and I HATE it when my best isnt good enough.

A lot of life changing things happen to people around the early part of the New Year. Today alone I found out that 2 of my cousins (in India) wives are pregnant and due in a few months (somehow they didnt notify me!), one of my good friends in my class got engaged, and Im talking to a friend in India just got engaged.

These are times I wonder if Im just schlepping through my days. I've been thinking that a lot of my good friends who were born in 1975 and have birthdays this year will be turning 30. That sounds so adult. I dont feel like one though. I feel like me, and that Im a youngblood, and young-at-heart.

This is probably because I think about moving away after school. I've never lived in a place without some sort of friend or family member in the area. I would like to move to DC where there are a lot of job opportunities in my field, which would mean I would be over 6 hours away from home, my parents who are getting older, my niece who is getting bigger, and a whole lot of friends who will also move on with life.

This is all inevitable. But its hard to think about how a dream can take you away from the people who supported your journey all the way through.